The Hall


Sala Fabiola

Sala Fabiola is housed at nº 9 Acc of the street known as Fabiola—from which it earns its name—in the “Casco Antiguo” (historical center) in the very heart of the Santa Cruz neighborhood. Thus, it is adjacent to the main historic monuments in Seville, including the Cathedral, La Giralda (Bell Tower), El Alcázar (Royal Palace) and El Archivo de Indias (Archives) … just a stroll away from the Guadalquivir River and a full universe of sensations, smells, experiences, cultural activities and the cuisine that the city has to offer.

The street owes its name to the famous novel Fabiola, written in 1854 by Cardinal Nicholas Patrick Wiseman, Bishop of Westminster who was born in the Palace House at number 5 of this street. The venue is a precious manor that boasts typical Sevillian architecture on a narrow, winding, cobblestone street as typically seen in the city center.

A unique and more than significant feature of this street is that it still retains a fragment of the ancient wall that safe-guarded the city’s Jewish quarter, with a number of millstones that are incrusted in the actual wall to protect it from damage from carriage traffic.

Value rental

Sala Fabiola is a multi-purpose cultural venue. The hall is available for a fee. It is the ideal location for workshops, seminars, conferences, courses, presentations, as well as musicals, dance and theater, among others.


With a 28 square meter open space and a 3.5 meter high ceiling, the venue offers the best in lighting, A/C and acoustics for entertainers, speakers, teachers and the general audience. Likewise, there are private areas, dressing-rooms and restrooms adapted to those with limited movement.

The venue has 32 comfortable seats, easily removed for use as an open space, in addition to the elevated stage with a 4×2 meter wooden floor and a huge wall for