Terms and Conditions

1. Tickets

Your purchase will appear in your account: “My account” or “My purchase.” The confirmation email may be used as your access ticket to the show. You may print out the confirmation email, or show a copy of said email on your Smartphone or tablet when you arrive. If you are unable to print out the confirmation email, or if you don’t have a smartphone or tablet, once you have finalized your purchase, please send us an email to info@www.salafabiola.com and your access will be organized so that you may show your passport, ID, driver’s license or other official identification at the door.

2. Terms / Cancelations

Once you have purchased your ticket, cancellations will not be accepted. Only in such case that the Show is cancelled will the fee be returned or exchanged for another ticket to another Show. Sala Fabiola reserves the right to cancel a Show at the last moment. In that case, the full fee will be returned. Sala Fabiola will return the fee within fifteen (15) days. Once the Show begins, there is no access to the Show; tickets will not be reimbursed at this point.

3. Content and General Terms

The age limit to access the venue will always be announced throughout the online purchase process, as will the type of ticket (general or reduced rate), which will also appear throughout. Online sales for each show will conclude an hour and a half prior to the start of the Show. When accessing the venue, clients are responsible for having the corresponding ticket in keeping with their characteristics. A reduced rate entry ticket is available for minors between the age of 6 and 17 as well as adults up to the age of 25 if and when they have valid student ID; Sala Fabiola staff may request an official ID to verify ages. People with reduced mobility may access the venue in their wheelchair, if and when the specific spaces for them are still available. Should this not be the case, they may also access the venue but with help to take their seats in the hall. Sala Fabiola has the necessary accessibility in keeping with the current legislation for wheelchair access to both the hall and the restrooms. Our staff reserves the right to refuse access to people who having been warned, but who continue to behave in such a way that they bother other clients and/or performers; in such case, tickets will not be reimbursed. Prior to confirming your reservation, you will be informed about changes (prices, availability or any other information on our web site).

4. Privacy and Data Security

We only request specific personal information necessary to process your information requests, such as full name and address, email, phone number, credit card information and other essential data. You may request information about any personal data that we safeguard in our database; you may also request corrections or removal of said information. If you wish to contact us or have any doubts regarding our privacy policy, you may call or email us at the following address: info@www.salafabiola.com